Shakespeare College

                                 Wonder. Learn. Grow.        accredited by the british council zambia

Shakespeare College is a co-education school that offers A-level courses, O-level subjects and Junior Secondary subjects. We  are accredited by the British Council Zambia, the Examinations Council of Zambia for grade 9, and Cambridge University for senior secondary level. Shakespeare College is set in a clean, safe, and secure community. Our aim is to develop students using a holistic approach to building character with a sense of civic responsibility.  We also ensure that students also participate in sports to make them well rounded students.

Preschool: The pre-school is divided into baby class, middle and reception classes. Specially trained teachers and child specialists  ensure that the we provide quality instructions with individualized attention. Children learn by engaging in selected educational games to develop reading, writing, drawing and counting skills. Experienced teachers and child care specialists provide reading, writing, drawing and counting skills

Primary School:  We offer lower and upper primary education with hands on computer lessons to ensure that students are exposed to technology from an early stage in their lives . To ensure that pupils get the best attention and support in their education, teaching is done in small groups. Primary school subjects include Math, Science and Computers. Teaching in small groups allows individual attention for all pupils.


Secondary  School: We provide a high quality international standard education with experienced and certified teachers in spacious classrooms. The junior secondary section covers grades 8 and 9. The O-level course is a two year programme, with up to 7 subjects per student. The 18-24 month A-level course prepares students for university. We use modern teaching methods and offer A-level subjects in Humanities, Sciences and Commercial Studies. We provide a school bus and laboratory facilities. We are very proud of our students, many of whom have attained distinction and admitted to higher education. 

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